Meet the Spice Lover

Amber Dowell was born into a family that centered itself around the love of food, so her creation of Sated Seasonings came as no surprise to her family and friends. Her goal is to bring healthier, fresher and boldly flavored food seasoning and salts into the kitchens of those that share a love of cooking.

As a young child, she spent countless hours in the kitchen watching (and tasting!) both her late great-grandfather and great-grandmother cook meals in their modest Columbus, Ohio home. Her love of food continued throughout life, and she found herself entranced with the intricate flavors that elevated her favorite meals. Although, no formal training in the food
industry other than majoring in Hospitality Management at The Ohio State University, Amber’s insatiable love and vast knowledge of food stemmed from countless hours of the research of cookbooks and recipes, cooking shows and restaurant exploration.

After being challenged by her “fairy godmother” to turn her words into action, in the late summer of 2021, she created her very first blend and introduced 3 products the following summer. From there….the rest will be history; as she will dominate the food seasoning industry in the years to come.